The Crown

The Golden Pony Crown

The Prestigious Crown of Miss Polo International is called THE GOLDEN PONY CROWN. It was made in Thailand by God Diamonds, one of the world’s best crown makers. The Golden Pony Crown was created with a touch of class, elegance and beauty. It is a crown uniquely different from any other crown in the world.
The crown is one of a kind, representing the main aspect of the Miss Polo International beauty pageant.
The Golden Pony Crown significantly brings to life highlights of the game of Polo. For example, the base of the crown is made of
the horse shoe which attracts love, good luck, success and healing. The two horses are a symbol of royalty, elegance, strength
and peace which are qualities associated with the Polo sport.

Earning the Crown 

“You don’t earn the Golden Pony Crown the moment it is placed on your head; you earn it over the course of 365 days through your dedication and service as a role-model, mentor and life-changer.”

– Ibife Alufohai (Mrs) 

The heart behind the crown

Miss Polo International is a young lady between 18 and 29 years of age, who could be a citizen of any nation in the world and a person of high moral standing crowned and empowered to dedicate a year of her life as a representative for Miss Polo International and all that the platform represents. She travels many thousands of miles across countries of the world, acting as a role model for today’s youth and a spokesperson in support of the game of polo.
In addition, each Miss Polo International Queen maximizes the use of the Miss Polo International platform to carry out ambassadorial and charitable duties to improve education globally and carry out women empowerment programmes
especially in the world’s toughest places to live in. Alongside with other titled Queens such as 1st and 2nd runner-ups and other Continental Queens, Miss Polo International work vehemently within her one-year term to keep the heart behind the crown beating for the betterment of humanity especially regarding access to quality education. 


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