The Awards

Polo Stallion Star Awards

The Polo Stallion Star Awards is an internationally recognized
mark of excellence celebrating polo players, organisations in the game of Polo and Polo Enthusiasts.
The Polo Stallion Star Awards is also given to the Patrons of Polo who are top executives of corporations and captains of industries who support education.
The 2019 edition of the event was held in Dubai and Awardees are from all over the globe. The event featured gala dinner, cocktail, award presentation, and and entertainment.

The Aim of the Awards

[1] To recognise and honour outstanding Polo players from around the globe
[2] To recognise and honour Patrons of Polo sport
[3] To honour Top Executives of Corporations and Captains of Industries who
intentionally support education.
[4] To strategically raise a rich network of ambassadors, donors and partners who,
in conjunction with our Foundation, will help to achieve our aim to support
access to quality education especially in the world’s toughest places.


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