Contestant - Eligibility

  1. AGE: The Participant must NOT be less that 18 years and more than 29 years as at September of 2021.
  2. GENDER: The Participant must be Female (Born Female).
  3. MARRIAGE STATUS: The Participant must be SINGLE and “never married”. 
  4. PARENTAL STATUS: The participant must NOT be pregnant, nor, intend to become pregnant before or during her year of service.  She is not a parent, nor the adoptive parent of any child, nor will she become a parent or the adoptive parent of any child during her Year of Service. She agrees that if she becomes pregnant or become the adoptive parent of a child during her Year of Service, she will no longer be eligible to compete in the Miss Polo International, 2021, Competition, or hold the title of Miss Polo International 2021.
  5. PARENTAL CONSENT: The participant must have the consent of her biological parent or guardian before she can compete in Miss Polo International 2021 
  6.  PASSPORT:  The participant must have a valid International Passport with validity of not less than 6 months at at September 2021. 
  7. CRIMINAL RECORD: The Participant must never have been charged with multiple minor or petty offenses in the last forty eight (48) months. She must never have been convicted of any criminal offense and there are no criminal charges presently pending against her.
  8. HEALTH: The Participant ascertains that she is in good health and can, to the best of her knowledge, participate fully in any and all Program activities. Any current medical condition or disability will not impede her ability to either participate and compete in all activities of the Miss Polo International 2021 competition, or complete and fulfil her obligation during  her Year of Service.  The Participant also must agree to provide, or cause her health care provider(s) to provide the Organizer with all or any portion of her health care records as necessary to verify the accuracy of her health status. 
  9. CHARACTER: The Participant must  be of good behavior that portrays the tenets of Miss Polo International during the period of competition and her year of service.

 Participants must be willing to agree to all sections of the Contract before proceeding to fill the “Contestant’s Participation Form”.  The contract will be sent to each contestant from Polo International Event’s Corporate Headquarters.

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